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Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Update: "Don't Save the Last Dance"

Well I know it was some time ago and it's been less than sporadic when we update this blog, but last year (August 11, 2009 to be exact) I wrote a blog entitled "Don't Save the Last Dance." The gist of that blog was talking about all the rap songs with stupid dances to go along with them and I gave a few examples of some of the latest ones out and some older songs. Well if you never read that blog hit the link above and check it out.

If you remember and or notice, at the very end of that blog I was playing around and made up the following song clearly off the dome making a mockery of this type of music see the quote below:

"However, I will proposition any choreographers out there to hit me up. or @crecks on twitter. Let's come up with a stupid dance move and make a song out of it. You do the dance I'll write and produce the song. We can do it, it can't be that hard. Wait! I already got one! The "Hula Hoop." I can hear the hook for the song now. "Do the hula hoop, do the hula hoop, work them hips 'round like you would a hula hoop. Girl do the hula hoop, do the hula hoop, you can do it too, girl, don't think you too cute!!" The dance moves can mimic something like you would do while playing with a hula hoop. LoL. I'm clowning, but I swear I'll write this shit. It would be a ghost written song however for MC Sambo or whoever I could find to be the artist. But I would gladly take the royalty checks for writing it. Matter of fact I'm going to copyright the lyrics today for all you biters out there. LoL."

Well obviously I was 100% playing around and especially didn't take heed to the last sentence of that blog about copyrights. The reason I state this and the reason for this updated blog is because as I was just downloading music last night, (legally of course ;-) I came across a song entitled "Hool-a-Hoop" by Black Frost Feat. Mista F.A.B. Now upon reading the title of the song I thought "GTFOH" (if you don't know the acronym google it). Then I said wait it can't be let me listen to this. Then I listened and said "Hell Naw!!! They done stole my song!" LoL. Not literally because obviously in the above mentioned blog I was completely playing around and making a mockery of how easy and simple it is to come up with some of the rap songs of today, especially the dance songs. But I just found it ironic how it was almost identical to what I came up with over 9 months ago off the top of my head. Please take a listen to the song below for further evidence:

All I had was the hook but I could've filled up 3 - 16 bar verses with any old filler lyrics. But this simply just 100% irrefutable evidence that most of the music now a days takes absolutely no talent and or skill to create. Now that is not to say that I have no talent because I do. But to just think that what took me 3.5 seconds to come up with while writing a blog someone actually went into the studio, produced, wrote and performed is just ridiculous to me. And trust I'm not hating because this song may blow, make whoever the artist a little money off a "one hit wonder single" and then they fade away. No by all means I'm not, I hope they make whatever they can off the song, I hope they make a video and they get to #1 on 106 & Park. That's really not the point. I'm simply exposing the truth! Hip Hop Music is not what it used to be peoples and this is as far as the creative mind is taking it these days.

If you saw last week's episode of The Boondocks, (See the link to the left for those that missed it), they ironically touched on this very same subject. I will forever be a lover of good music especially Hip Hop Music since that's the era in which I grew up in. And until songs like this stop getting air play I will continue to turn off my radio and turn on classics, when I can sit back and reminisce on when real Emcees came with it and put forth effort to master their craft. Which is not comparable to the song and dance routine that I covered in this blog or the aforementioned one.

Lastly, just a heads up we soon plan on expanding this blog into another blog where we can really get back into one of my our real loves... music. I know we've been lacking on this one but hopefully when my Partner in Crime @drizadre gets back on we will be able to keep this updated more regularly as well as the new blog coming soon. So Stay tuned...

Oh and since no one took me up on my offer last year I'll put it out there again. If any one wants to take me up on my offer to come up with a dance routine, I'll gladly ghost write the song! As you can see I'm 1 for 1. However, this time I'll leave my next dance craze to myself or at least until we can put it down and copyright it. Lol.


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