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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

'Shutter Island' Champion at Box Office

Film directed by Martin Scorcese semoat - The story of Shutter Island is about a murderer that happened in the hospital. The existed Shutter Island murderer is conducted by psycho criminal that do not have any mercy to each of its victims. The famous actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Rufallo played as the US army that should guard the Massachusetts city from the existed serial killer.

Film directed by Martin Scorcese semoat highly profitable high, because it can tops box office. After last week ruled Valentine's Day, this week held the box office champion Shutter Island. Scary movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was successfully scooped up $ 40, 2 million or Rp373 billion.

These results, twice winner of the ticket sales last week, which this week fell to runner-up ranking. Valentine's Day just scooped USD17, 2 million or Rp159 billion.

While Avatar is still strong resistance to the tenth week. After falling from the first position a few weeks ago, Avatar is currently in third position with USD16, 1 million or Rp149 billion.

1. "Shutter Island" - $40.2 million (Rp373 miliar)
2. "Valentine's Day" - $17.2 million (Rp159 miliar)
3. "Avatar" - $16.1 million (Rp149 miliar)
4. "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" - $15.3 million
5. "The Wolfman" - $9.8 million (Rp90 miliar)
6. "Dear John" - $7.3 million (Rp67 miliar)
7. "Tooth Fairy" - $4.5 million (Rp41 miliar)
8. "Crazy Heart" - $3 million (Rp27 miliar)
9. "From Paris with Love" - $2.5 million (Rp23 miliar)
10. "Edge of Darkness" - $2.2 million (Rp20 miliar).

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