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Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Musical Monday: Mary Jane Watson Sings Mike Clifford

Here's a really obscure one: Way back when, I acquired an LP of the soundtrack to the 1968 movie Maryjane, which included a title song written by Mike Curb and performed by Mike Clifford. (Unfortunately, the song doesn't appear to be up on YouTube, so I can't share the actual tune.) As little-known as the song is, I thought it was pretty catchy...and a perfect fit for comics' most famous Mary Jane (Watson). Here's my Mary Jane/Maryjane sketch from Franchesco:

Since the lyrics are hard to read on this scan, here they are:
She's not a new girl in town
And you know she's been around.
You met her on a rainy day,
And she made the clouds go away,
Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane.

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