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Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Material Flower Tutorial

Flowers are beautiful and what better way to embellish a card than with a self made one? Follow these simple steps to start creating your own unique designs.

Basic Materials you will need:
Material 4 x 4inch

Cut a rough circle (doesn't have to be perfect) from your 4 x 4 inch material. 
Starting from the reverse, sew large stitches around the edge or your circle. Once complete, pull the thread gently to bring your flower together. 
With your needle/thread still attached, secure your bloom into place with a button.

Other Options to concider:
  • Try using different sized material to produce smaller/larger blooms.
  • Use different textures for different looks eg. silk or denim.
  • Create your own design by stamping onto your material (as I have done here). "Staz On" is a good ink for this.
  • Be creative, ditch the button and rummage through your stash. Try brads, sequins or even eyelets?
  • "Bling up your Bloom" using glitter glue, Liquid Pearls, Gems etc
What to do with your beautiful "Blooms"?

Depending on the size you have created, they can easily be attached to your papercraft proects for example: Cards, Layouts, Gift Boxes etc with a strong adhesive.

Here's another idea:
I didn't have the coloured material I needed, so instead I added colour to my plain material using Promarkers. You will need about 3 layers of colour, leave to dry.
(Created from 4x4inch material)
Once all blooms were complete, I stitched them onto a plain hair band. If your hairband is wide enough, you could glue them on.

This is a beautiful, quick technique, the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination.

Have fun!

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