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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

My heart goes out

My goodness I've not blogged for a while now, which would normally feel pretty shocking to me, but I can't begin to tell you just how I'm feeling right now. After seeing constant footage of the tragedy that has happened in Japan and that is still well and truely on-going, everything has been put into perspective. I just heard on the news that the death toll is 1600, can you even imagine? The footage of what once was and what has now been left behind, is just unbelievable. Something that if you saw it happen in a film, you'd think how unrealistic?

My heart goes out to the people of Japan, their families, friends near and far and all those people who have been cought up in this crisis. The next few days, months... are likely to be very trying for many, many people and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. And to the rescue teams that are risking their own health and safety in helping are true Saints.

If miracles can happen, please ...

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