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Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Back Submit Intel Chip 'Disability'

Intel Corp. reportedly re-ship the damaged Sandy Bridge chips,
 following the demandnumber of PC makers who promised to select the chips.

Last week, Intel announced around the defects in the design of chips used in their newerprocessors, Sandy Bridge. Although the damage was only found in chips that dikrimkan9 January, Intel decided to stop shipping them.

Intel to stop production because the chip is known to damage the performance of harddisk and DVD computer drives. Santa Clara-based company that promised to redesignthe chip. Intel allegedly have poured approximately $ 1 billion to fix the product.

However, earlier this week, Intel announced a going back to send the defective chips.Apparently, this step is done Intel after receiving a request from a number of PCmanufacturers. Revised version of the chip itself is also scheduled to be delivered this month.

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