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Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Why More Women Breast distention?

A company producing lingerie (lingerie) believes if breast size is getting bigger due to three factors, fat, hormones and xenoestrogen.

Manufacturers of lingerie, Bravissimo, said it has launched a crutch breast (breast holder / BH), the largest size (cup KK) two years ago. In the near future, they instead will launch a bigger size (cup L).
The launch of the bra cup L is done in line with more demand for large sized bra needs. Launched by the Straits Times on Monday (02/07/2011), Bravissimo states, continue the development of breast size could be due to three things.
1. Fat / Overweight The average bra size in Britain are known to have increased dramatically. In the 1950s, the average cup size is B, but the increase continues to be 36c. Bravissimo predict the size of it could be closer to 34E.
Breast cancer expert, Professor Michael Baum, said that fat in the breast have the same levels of fat in the thighs and buttocks. "We're experiencing an epidemic of obesity that increases in size in women is not surprising," said Baum.
2. Hormone Many are women who have large breasts small body. According to Bravissimo, which they call the majority of women have a small body and large breasts. This indicates the reason is not only enlarged breasts due to fat. Women's health and hormone expert, Marilyn Glenville, said that estrogen is a trigger breast size.
According to Glenville, women experience increased estrogen in line with the puberty, having children and breast-feeding.
3. Xenoestrogen (another estrogen) Hormone replacement treatment for menopausal women and the contraceptive pill is also believed to affect breast size. Likewise petisida, plastics and cosmetics. Can also from exposure to products such as food and beverage cans, and plastic bottles containing the compound bisphenol A (BPA) also allows the enlargement size bra.
Xenoestrogens reportedly able to have an impact on sperm and fertility, and the potential to affect women as well, and can affect bra size. "Applying a moisturizer to the skin and often directly into the breast to stimulate the growth of breast tissue," says Dr Glenville.
Milk may also contribute to increasing the size of bra. The report says approximately two thirds of British people who consume milk comes from pregnant cows. Milk from pregnant cows contains estrogen and other hormones to levels high enough.

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