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Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Achilles muscle, Modern Man Escaped reason Natural Selection?

Muscle Achilles or ankle muscles apparently plays an important role in the success of modern humans through the process of natural selection. Really?

The conclusion was obtained by a group of researchers from the University of Arizona who studies the Achilles tendon length at eight athletes. Led by David Raichlen, they did an MRI scan on the ankle participants and compare them with each energy level while exercising on the treadmill.
From the experiments it was found, athletes with Achilles muscle shortens lose less energy in every step and, theoretically, be able to run farther before exhaustion. Thus was launched the Daily Mail, Saturday (5/2/2011).
They then measure the rest of the skulls of Neanderthals, which became extinct approximately 38 thousand years ago. Known, their ankle bone is much longer than humans so it is difficult to run through long distances.
Professor Raichlen added, the possibility of Neanderthal man have evolved so have the tendon is longer so that groups living in forest areas cool that they can ambush prey.Conversely, the Homo sapiens who lived in the African region to pursue their prey with a longer distance.
Other scientists claim, this finding could be the key to understanding why the Neanderthals disappeared from the earth, 38 thousand years ago.
When surface ice melts 50 thousand years ago, the European forest area where the Neanderthals lived turned into tundra. This is clearly difficult for them to escape, because they can not run over long distances. Archaeological evidence shows that Neanderthal man pushed into isolated areas of forest in southern Europe.

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