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Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Bill Gates said sarcastically Ipad

Bill Gates

Apple tablet name called IPAD is not depleted into perbicaraan in the media and incertain circles.
 There is praise, not infrequently also criticized the iPad.

Entourage critics, argue that the iPad has ignored many things that make it a gadgetthat lame. Call it lack of Flash, HMDI port, until the absence of a camera.

Surprisingly, the ranks of critics iPad comes from important people in the company'scompetitors such as Apple's CEO of Google, the CEO of the latest Nintendo and formerMicrosoft CEO Bill Gates joined satirical iPad.

"You know, I actually enjoyed reading the digital book and touch it. However, I think it willrequire a pen and voice features. I do not think it will sit down with gadgets that areactually better than the iPhone, I hope Microsoft ignore such a concept," Gates said sarcastically to Bnet,

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