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Senin, 31 Januari 2011

About Thomas Alva Edison's forecast 2011

Who does not know Thomas Alva Edison. U.S. major innovator of this is the one whofound the camera,
 light bulb, and direct current power plant.
In 1911 Edison was interviewed by the Miami Metropolis, and asked to predict how thenext 100 years, namely in 2011.
As quoted by the Washington Post, Edison said that in 2011 electric power wouldreplace steam power to drive the train. In addition, he also predicts that air travel wouldbe a mode of everyday transportation.
Another thing, Edison also said that the steel will be more expensive and this makes itwill be a plurality of raw materials for building construction. All the things he predictedearlier, now it has been proven.
But Edison's most shocking prophecy is prophecy about a device similar to an e-book reader or iPad. "Later, there will be a book that is only two inches thick, but can contain40 thousand pages, or the equivalent of one hundred volumes of books," said Edison.
In fact, an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle can store data equivalent toapproximately 3,500 electronic books.
However, Edison did not guess exactly 100 percent. At that time, Edison also predicts,that now people have found ways to turn iron into gold.

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