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Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Fraudster on Social Networking Use New Bait


According to the latest report, released monthly Spam Report Symantec,
in recent months, emerging trends fraudulent websites (phishing) who forged the social networking brands.

In an attempt to trick users, fraudsters use a lot of new tactics and bait. The goal for them to trick users into providing their personal information.
"One example is a phishing website by the name of" webcams "and which provides a webcam image in its phishing pages," says Symantec in its report, January 31, 2010.
Here, the site gives the impression that they are providing webcam facilities for users to interact with one another in social networking. In fact, the original site was not providing the facility.
The second method, according to Symantec, fraudsters use pornography as a bait to steal users' personal data. Way, phishing website that claims that a particular social networking site has released a new edition for adult users.
"Social network edition of the 'new' is impressive that the user can view adult videos of famous scandals taken from hidden cameras," Symantec said. "Further, it claims that phisihing site users also can interact and join the adult chat," call Symantec.
In the method of this scam, fraudsters site states that the user can know the latest news about famous actresses scandals. Site also contains pornographic images. The look and feel of the site created to enhance the appeal of pornography.
The third method, the bait used was a fake bids in the form of software to hack (hacking software). Website fraudsters who use this method to provide content that has been modified so much like an alternative version of a social network devoted to professional hackers.
"Phishers continue to use other forms of new and different bait which all have the same goal. Making users confident that they will benefit if it provides information and login to sites that they make, "says Symantec.

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