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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

First Solar Aircraft


NASA made history once again new. This time the space agency from the UnitedStates had successfully created the first spacecraft-based solar power.

At first it sounds like science fiction excerpts. But now NASA has made unmannedspacecraft without fuel minerals.

Unlike any other spacecraft, NanoSail-D-like shape kites are relatively smaller size andits orbit is not too high from the top surface of the Earth.

NanoSail-D using solar radiation pressure to make it move and fly at high speed. NASAsaid the satellite is only tiny at 100 square feet and operate according to plan.

Actually NanoSail-D has been released into the air since January 20, 2011 last.However, that day can not be used as the first day he flew to NASA successfullyreceives the frequency of data packets from NanoSail-D, ie, five days later.

"This is the first time NASA launched a spacecraft to orbit the lowest in the surface of the Earth," said Dean Alhorn, NASA spokesman, who quoted from DailymailVIVAnews, Saturday, January 29, 2011.

NanoSail-D will continue to send a signal flare in it until the battery runs out. It is estimated he will fly orbiting the Earth until the next 70-120 days, depending onatmospheric conditions.

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