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Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Loneliness bigger threat than cigarettes?


Do you often feel lonely? Be careful because these feelings can be dangerous to health.
Even the intense loneliness that is felt, could be a "hidden killer" who is more dangerousthan obesity and smoking habits.

As quoted from page dailymail, nearly one out of ten parents who suffer from intenseloneliness, are at increased risk of depression. This situation is exacerbated if you havebad eating habits, and lack of exercise.

Now, the impact of feelings of loneliness has also been associated with cognitivedisorders such as dementia.

Campaign 'End the Loneliness' is currently being held by Oxfordshire Age UK, Counseland Care, Independent Age and WRVS.

In the campaign, they remind sense of loneliness can be a scary thing and can damagehealth, especially in the elderly.

"We need to consider the practical, emotional and psychological implications of the increasing number of older people," said Andrew Barnett, from the Calouste GulbenkianFoundation.

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