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Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

U.S. Teens Find 'Weapons Death Ray'

U.S. teenagers with homemade weapons Solar Death Ray (DailyMail)

First, the large U.S. scientist who had become assistant to Thomas Alva Edison,
 NikolaTesla, had proposed the concept of the Death Ray weapon that can be deadly.
However, until Tesla died, no one has actually found a prototype made by Tesla DeathRay, who claimed to be capable of destroying enemy objects from a great distance,without a trace.
...but as a hole appears in the lid, the 'death ray' emerges as the easy victor

As reported by dailymail, recently a teenager from the U.S. managed to make a DeathRay weapon in a smaller scale. Eric Jacqmain, youth 19 years from Indiana USA,managed to create a device that he called the "Solar Death Ray 5800 '.
He does have a somewhat different concept with the Death Ray made by Tesla,because the findings Jacqmain not use an electromagnet, but harnessing the power ofthe sun's heat.
Solar Death Ray is made from a satellite dish made from fiberglass, which has 5800pieces of tiny mirrors that can reflect sunlight into a focal point of the same.
As a result, the device is able to melt steel, aluminum, punching holes in concrete, andburn any objects that are placed at the point of focus. Jacqmain claim, the heat can begenerated by the device is 5,000 times the sun's heat in the Earth's surface.
"I havehad time to make the carbon to steam , with a temperature of more than 6,500degrees Fahrenheit , oraround 3600 degrees Celsius , "saidJacqmain .
Unfortunately, now the tool that has been destroyed. An unintended accident, making the device caused a fire which then destroys the device itself.

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