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Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Milky Way and Andromeda Ruling

Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way galaxy in which the planet Earth is a giant two neighboring galaxies. Both are separated only 2.5 million light-years distance, or about 18.8 trillion miles.

Previously, the Andromeda galaxy has a size smaller. But along the traveling life, the galaxy is "eat" a small number of galaxies in the nearby flying due to the large gravitational owned. Eventually the Andromeda is approximately the same size of the Milky Way.
Interestingly, as quoted by MSNBC, February 2, 2011, is currently the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies approached each other with a speed of about 120 kilometers per second and will crash.
However, the distance is still very much to make this giant new super collision will occur about 3 billion years to come. Then, whether the earth will be destroyed? To find out, astronomers using supercomputer simulations and calculate the scenarios that may occur when Andromeda and the Milky Way collide with each other.
Video simulations are made using 100 million virtual particles. Movies made to highlight the room with wide viewing angle of about 10 million trillion miles. The duration of time recorded by a computer simulation was reached 1 billion years old.
In the video, the Milky Way came from underneath and Andromeda from above.
"It is estimated, the stars in both galaxies, including the sun's solar system most likely will not collide with each other," said John Dubinski, an astronomer from the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto.
However, Dubinski said, the gravitational force of the two galaxies are likely to attract each other, mutual berpelintir, and deflect, until after a billion years later, elliptical galaxy that is a combination of Andromeda and the Milky Way was born.

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